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Board of Directors
  • Chairperson
    Mr. Yuan Zhang Tao (BSc, MSc, MBA)

    Mr. Tao presently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ARUN Minerals. Having graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering at Singapore’s National University, he has spent about 20 years in prominent positions at the largest oil and gas firms existing in Asia. He has held his position since 2011, leading the company through considerable progress under his expert guidance.

  • CEO
    Mr. Han Liu Wei (BBA/BL)

    Mr. Wei studied in Australia, where he was born of Chinese parents, garnering a BBA with a degree in Law from Macquarie University in Sydney. He has served in several telecommunications firms, such as SingTel and China Telecom, before joining ARUN Minerals in 2011 where he first worked as the senior projects officer for ARUN Minerals’ Jiangxi operations. Liu eventually became CEO of ARUN Minerals in 2011.

  • Executive Director
    Mr. Guo Wang Lei (BSC, MSC)

    Mr. Lei was appointed Executive Director of ARUN Minerals in 2012. He graduated from the Beijing University of Technology and worked China’s state-owned oil and gas giant CNOOC thereafter. He joined ARUN Minerals as a contracts manager since ARUN Minerals started as a company and became instrumental in acquiring crucial agreements for the continuing mining operations in Yunnan Province.

  • Non-Executive Director
    Ms. Yu Wang Xiu Lan (LL.M)

    Ms. Lan is the present Non-Executive Director of ARUN Minerals. She worked as China Merchants Bank’s Adviser on Contractual Procedure for Western corporations expanding into the PRC after graduating from Renmin University of China’s Law School. Through her former position, she facilitated the successful entry of several multinational groups, including the establishment of ARUN Minerals. Wang joined the managing board in 2012 and provides a valuable service to the ARUN Minerals family.

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